In a nutshell

Gain is a brand firmly committed to services, success and to listening to its clients !

provider of services to professionals in the outdoor hospitality sector
More than
carefully selected products and services
years’ experience
Many different markets

The brand

Services to provide support for professionals in the outdoor hospitality sector in the management of their business.

Listening to clients because every operation is unique and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Success because that is the ultimate aim of a services brand: to help its clients to succeed.


As an expert brand, equally capable of advising its members on purchasing and on business development, thanks to individuals and methods that reflect its intimate knowledge of the requirements and operation of the world of outdoor hospitality.

Two distinct solutions


Through its activities as a Trading Group and Referencing Centre, Gain allows its many members to take advantage of benefits negotiated with suppliers that were chosen for the quality of their products and services.


It offers 360° advice for outdoor hospitality professionals to help them optimise their activities and turnover. Gain Development is renowned for its expertise in optimising sales on outdoor hospitality websites to an international clientele (UK, NL, D) throughout the season.