Strength of the reference shareholders

Since July 2015 Permira has been the majority shareholder in Vacanceselect, alongside its founders and the group’s historic shareholders. They have partnered up with the group’s management in this new phase of conquest and expansion for Vacanceselect.


  • A major private equity firm
  • 30 years’ experience in private equity investing
    • More than 200 investments since its founding
    • 15 offices across Europe, the United States and Asia
  • One of the pioneers of the private equity sector in the 1980s
  • €25bn in capital invested through 14 investment funds
  • Net global IRR for the PE1 – PE5 funds of 22%; this puts them in the top 10% if the sector
  • 30 companies in their portfolio

Founding family

  • Gilbert and Olivier Ganivenq, co-founders of Village Center
  • Batipart, an investment firm founded by Charles Ruggieri, has been involved with the group since its founding in the 2000s.
  • Loek Van de Loo, founder of Vacanceselect and Selectcamp


  • Approximately 30 managers and senior executives are associated with the group’s entrepreneurial project